Subject: RE: Capt Richard Wingfield
Author: Jocelyn James Rhys Wingfield
Date:   10/22/2015 12:27 am EDT
Dear Richard,
In the WFS we are always delighted to help those researching our cousins and to share all we have with members. I am sure you will understand that our genealogists provide WFS info and often personal info too in their free time to members for free. You will see that our members include not just those of the Wingfield blood (of several different Wingfield families), but also those merely interested in Wingfields.

All our genealogists are retired – which is when one takes on far too much and there are really – then - not enough hours in the day! So do join as a member. We would love to have you – even if you only join for one year. We have lots of stuff on Richard Wingfield in the Mutiny including his picture and on his line.

As soon as you join (see Membership on, I’ll get a close descendant or two to get in touch with you - and I will - asap. Are you related to this Captain Richard? I am a direct descendant of his Uncle William.

Jocelyn James Rhys Wingfield

WFS Historian
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