Subject: John Wingfield of Sheffield, in 1787.
Author: Matthew Wilde
Date:   11/8/2015 8:13 am EDT
Hello. My paternal ancestral line is from Sheffield, Yorkshire, England (where I was born). My fifth-great-grandfather was Robert Wilde (c1710 - 1786 Sheffield). The eldest child of his third wife was Thomas Wilde (1747 Sheffield - 1827 Sheffield). On 2 December 1787 Thomas married Mary Scholey, in the Derybshire parish of Aston, just outside Sheffield. The marriage licence allegation was completed by "Thomas Wilde of Sheffield in the County of York, Filesmith and John Wingfield of Sheffield aforesaid Gentleman", with a bond of two hunderd pounds. I should be interested to know something of this John Wingfield, and wonder if anyone has any information about him. Thank you.
Matthew Wilde.
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 John Wingfield of Sheffield, in 1787.    
Matthew Wilde 11/8/2015 8:13 am EDT
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Jocelyn James Rhys Wingfield 1/4/2016 4:12 am EDT
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