Subject: RE: John Wingfield of Sheffield, in 1787.
Author: Jocelyn James Rhys Wingfield
Date:   1/4/2016 4:12 am EDT
Dear Matthew,

Your query is most interesting. In the WFS (Wingfield Family Society, a one-name society) we have always found the Wingfields of Sheffield difficult to fit together. Most of them probably took the name from South Wingfield, Derbyshire, just to the south,but there was also a branch of the Suffolk Wingfields in the area of Wakefield, just to the north.

Wingfield silverware was to appear in the 1800s at Rotherham, but I would recommend your investigating the three John Wingfields of Ecclestone, NW Sheffield, who feature in the IGI as under:

John Wingfield m. Elizabeth Mangall 8 Feb 1735
John Wingfield - likely his son - bap. 8 May 1734 and
John Wingfield bap 22 Jan 1750, likely son of the above and brother of Jonathan bap 28 Sep 1756.

Do consider joining the WFS and thereby accessing our extensive records.

Best regards, Jocelyn Wingfield
WFS Historian
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