Subject: fnu Miss Scott
Author: Vic Wingfield Piper
Date:   1/30/2016 3:30 pm EDT
This is probably old news for you but thought I would post the info I found today.
Most people have the wife of Thomas Wingfield b. 1763 Goochland Co. Virginia; son of Josiah and Eliza Wingfield as first name unknown....

Death record for daughter Martha W. Wingfield gives the name as Catherine...

Virginia Deaths and Burials
Name Martha W. Wingfield
Gender Female
Death Date 06 Apr 1885
Death Place Appomattox County, Virginia
Age 55
Birth Date 1830
Birthplace Appomattox
Race White
Marital Status Single
Father's Name Thos. Wingfield
Mother's Name Catherine Wingfield

I hope I haven't confused the issue.

Vic Wingfield Piper
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