Subject: Thomas Wingfield 1776-1836
Author: Drew Sanner
Date:   3/14/2016 1:48 pm EDT
I am trying to confirm a connection in my wifes family line to the Wingfield family. It is family lore, but still in need of confirming Thomas Wingfield born 1776 in Hanover Va and died 1836 in Greensboro Ga, married Sidney Monger and had a daughter Lucy. Lucy then married Myles Harris. This would be my wife, Susan Harris's GG grandfather. Myles and Lucy then had a son, William Thomas or Thomas William Harris. Does anyone have anything on this line of the family that would confirm or refute these connections? My wife's DNA test ties her to several other people with only the Wingfield portion of their trees in common so that would seem to confirm a connection somewhere. Thanks for any assistance you can give,
Drew Sanner
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