Subject: RE: Thomas Wingfield 1776-1836
Author: Sm Batsell
Date:   4/5/2016 9:58 pm EDT
I expect you realise that in a Family Society, the genealogists are all unpaid volunteers and so spend their time helping Members with their genealogical questions. We do indeed have information on the line you are investigating and look forward to exchanging information with you. Of course, in a Family Society much of the information comes from members and some goes unchecked until it is queried when we may discover errors in our database.

This is what is in the WFS database that does agree with you:
Lucy Wingfield1
F, #13238

Dr Thomas Wingfield IV b. 1776, d. 20 Oct 1836

Mother Sidney Mounger b. c 1788, d. c 1852

Charts Descendants of Robert de Wingfield - 25 Generations
Descendants of Thomas Wingfield - York River VA- 20 Generations

Reference 9755
Lucy Wingfield was born at Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia, USA. Her married name was Seymour. She was the daughter of Dr Thomas Wingfield IV and Sidney Mounger. Lucy Wingfield married Evalbon Seymour in 1828.
Family Evalbon Seymour

Children ◦ Albert Seymour
◦ William Seymour
◦ Addie Seymour
◦ Emma Seymour
◦ M. Harris Seymour

But, from elsewhere in the WFS database, notice the name Harris! Sidney (Mounger) Wingfield's mother' maiden name was Harris....................
Dr Thomas Wingfield IV married Sidney Mounger, daughter of Henry Mounger and Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Harris, circa 1801.

I believe that the WFS database is WRONG here.

So do please join and we can all get our records straight! If you would give me the Counties that the wife's family lived in, and also as much info as you have re dates, names, etc., of the wife back to earlier generations.

There were apparently several Georgia men named Miles Harris, and lots of different spouses named. There is one record of a Miles Harris marrying a Seymour, so that throws the whole ball of wax up in the air.

Thomas Wingfield's dau., Lucy E. M. Wingfield
married Evaldon/Eraldon Seymour 10 Apr 1828, Greene Co., GA.
We have their marriage record.

Evaldon/Eraldon Seymour died 1839.............................
We have his death record.

Lucy Elizabeth Seymour
married Myles Harris 12 Apr 1845, Greene Co., GA.
She is obviously Lucy Elizabeth M. (Wingfield) Seymour
the dau. of Thomas Wingfield, and THE widow of Evaldon/Eraldon Seymour.
We have their marriage record.

This makes the WFS database CORRECT AS FAR AS IT GOES, BUT IT NEEDS OF YOUR ADDITONAL INFO TO MAKE IT COMPLETE AND CORRECT. We can correct it as soon as you join and would love to have you as a member.

Name: Myles G. Harris
Spouse: Lucy Elizabeth Seymour
Marriage Date: 12 Apr 1845
Marriage County: Green
Marriage State: Georgia

We hope you will join the Wingfield Family Society.

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