Author: Keith Clancy
Date:   7/7/2016 0:22 am EDT
I am trying to prove a relationship between the USA Patriot William Wingfield 1758-1836 and AUSTIN M WINGFIELD, Birth Date: 1820, Birth Place: VA, Death Saline co Missouri USA.

I believe his Father to be: THOMAS WINGFIELD 1790-1851, and Mother: ELIZABETH WITCHER 1806-1867. However, his death is not listed in the Missouri state archives, so I have been unable to find a death certificate or any official document listing his father. He is not even listed as a son in the US census which would be accepted as secondary proof.

The SAR requires something official or at least period in order to accept Austin Morris Wingfield as William Wingfield's grandson.

Does the Wingfield Society Concur with my belief, and if so have any documentation of the relationship.

Thanks for your help
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Keith Clancy 7/7/2016 0:22 am EDT
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