Subject: RE: Thomas Wingfield 1776-1836
Author: Drew Sanner
Date:   7/30/2016 3:41 pm EDT
Thank you for your reply, sorry it took me so long to see it. I am joining the Wingfield Society today and look forward to communicating on this family line. My information agrees with what you have on the line above Miles (Myles) Harris and Lucy Wingfield Seymour. Below is what I have below that generation.

My information is primarily from my wifes family members sharing family history. I have proven many of the connections, still working on others, but my wife's DNA test indicated she was related to at least 6 people with Wingfield and Terrell in their line, so it would appear correct.

Lucy Wingfield and Miles Harris
M Greene Co Ga 1845
Emma Louise Harris 20 Apr 1846 Hancock, Georgia, United States
William Thomas Harris 10 Mar 1850 Warren County, Georgia, USA
Thomas Wingfield Harris 11 Apr 1849 Hancock, Georgia, United States (alt B 1851)

William Thomas Harris m Susannah Harrell sept 8, 1870 Glascock County, Georgia, USA

B Eugene Thomas Harris FEB 6 1876 Glascock County, Georgia, USA

B Eugene Thomas Harris 9 OCT 1919 Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia

Susan Jeanette Harris Sanner 27 FEB 1961 Augusta, Columbia, Georgia, USA

I have a few siblings at later generations, and will be happy to share more completely along with support.

Drew Sanner
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