Subject: Charles Lewis Wingfield
Author: Christine Ruf Kameen
Date:   2/3/2017 5:38 pm EDT
Charles Lewis Wingfield ( b. 1829 d. 3 September 1879) is the only child of Joseph Wingfield (b. 4 July 1764) and Sarah Wingfield (m. 28 July 1828, d. 1846). (See Magazine of VA Genealogy Vol 26 May 1988 No. 2 pg 90)

Charles Lewis Wingfield married (m. 14 December 1857) Ann Elizabeth Johnson (b. 6 December 1839 d. 28 November 1935). They had 9 children one of whom is my 4th generation Grandfather - Thomas Jefferson Johnson Wingfield.

I have no record (proof) of his birth other than family tree and US Census. I do have death certificate but it doesn't name parents. I am looking for WFS Members who might be related to him through the other children of Charles Lewis Wingfield and Ann Elizabeth Johnson.

Thank you!
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Christine Ruf Kameen 2/3/2017 5:38 pm EDT
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