Subject: RE: Ralph Wingfield & Lucy Ann Whitlock 1815Ha
Author: Jocelyn James Rhys Wingfield
Date:   9/27/2013 10:24 am EDT
Dear Peter,
I am so sorry we have taken so long to answer your most interesting letter.
"Chilliwack" of course is near Wingfield Creek (or vice versa!) . The creek has no connection with Maurice Wingfield of the Powerscourt-Barrington Wingfield family (my line), nor with George Wingfield, (owner & operator of Nevada & connected with nearby Red Mountain Gold Mine from 1913 on). It was named in this century for William James Wingfield, a care worker. I wonder if he is connected to Ralph Wingfield of Hanover County, VA, 1913.
Th Wingfield Family Society (a non-profit organisation) would be most interested in this link with Hanover and the Wingfield-Whitlock Bible. I am sure we have much more on the Hanover side of things, but please understand that we - we're all "volunteers" - can only help those who are WFS Members (or we'd be swamped). So do join. See the same website sub Membership.
Best ergards,
Jocelyn James Rhys Wingfield
International VP & WFS Historian
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