Subject: the 4th, the 4th!
Author: omar "gira"....
Date:   7/3/2009 8:37 am EDT
shabbat shalom, "cos!" (it's what we say today, Fri. since shabbat begins this evening, till tomorrow eve.-meaning "I wish U the peace of shabbat" -literally: shabbat peace.) We R not actually cousins, only have the same last name. Happy 4th! Hope it will catch U in "Small Town America", somewhere east of 'calante. U R finally there! Congrats, again, "Teach"!...Celebrations in Mid-West towns R most special: the whole town comes out to celebrate! Actually, to thank our troops and their sacrifice (beautiful sense of community.) Now U R "gira"-ting", turning up North! To Denver? ("The mile-high" city) I thought U would turn So. or at least go East; U have me guessing! I know U carry "3 bladders"! (your own, and two water bags.) Do hope U R keeping well hydrated w/ the heat and the exertion, and all...U must have shed already quite a few pounds! (10? I bet U will lose some 20 altogether) If so, U will be able to compete w/ "The Firefighter's calendar", perhaps in "The Weston Teacher's calendar"!?....that is, if your wife and your girls let U! Cheers! in this your great adventure! May ha-shem (God) continue to bless U!
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omar "gira".... 7/3/2009 8:37 am EDT
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