Subject: Escalante (or "scalating one")
Author: omar "gira"
Date:   7/2/2009 7:35 pm EDT
My, oh my, "primo" Rafa "Gira"! (not really, just the same last name.) Still, marvelling at U, your stamina, your steady progress, your "stick-to-it-ness"! Great discipline and great example for us all, but especially for your girls and your sudents. Today U reached "Escalante", so it must B close 2 40% of your tour, at least in the number of weeks (I simply cannot fathom this, since U went from 2 hr rides, to 8 & 10 HR RIDES! Not an easy thing!) I made a quick calculation by watching SPOT tracking, and so it seems also by time and distance studies. Today U broke the "sound barrier"! I could hear the "boom", the "ssuish" as you went by! Must have been down hill, & flat from the Park to Esc. I can think at times it must B lonely, however: never dull! Far from it! U R joining the ranks of the super- & over-achievers! Even of the great explorers! (keeping in mind the great modern bikes and electronic contraptions we now have, great communications, etc.) I say this so don't get all puffed up....(jah! jah! jah!), to keep your feet on the ground! What's the story with Escalante? How is the "bent", the gadgets, and U holding up? Have U/they needed any "fixings"? Hey! The good thing is that from next week on, it's the final half of the tour! Looking forward to it....thnx again, "primo", and rest well this week-end. U need it, and U earned it! I know U will find a nice spot to hang a hammock! or a hard bed and a long nice, hot bath.....will the birds sing to U?
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omar "gira" 7/2/2009 7:35 pm EDT
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