Subject: The Nov Elections & Taxes ETC
Author: taxman
Date:   10/2/2006 7:52 pm PDT
Taxes and Democrats let me say that our system is not working because of 50 plus years of being set up by liberal Democrats and Eastern liberal Republicans. It is not about taxes, it is about spending, or over spending I should say and the Democrats have put in cement. The discretionary portion of the budget is now around 10% of every dollar spent. What does this mean; entitlement programs have been entrenched in our laws for so long we spend 90% of the budget on them. That is to say programs that are a part of law that people fell entitled to. If you donít feel you are paying enough in tax then feel free to pay more, but I feel it is spending that is the problem and at this point it doesnít matter who is President or in the Congress until we change the system fundamentally by getting ride of many of the entitlements. The Democrats want to balance the budget, as all politiciansí say they want to, the difference is Democrats want to by raising taxes and slowing the economy. In addition to raising taxes they will spend more at the same time! This country should not take more than 10% of the GNP to run itself, but it is more like 24% and that is just federal. We need smaller government with less interference and less spending, roads you say, well we have a fuel tax that should be used for roads only and not the general budget as they are in California! The only way to make our country competitive in the world is to streamline federal and state governments and re-write entitlements. We should privatize Social Security in order to build wealth for families. We need to demand less from or government not more! We need to have the Federal Government defend us against the Fascist Muslims and stay out of our domestic lives by limiting offshore drilling. We need to spend oil dollars here and stop funding our enemies with Black Gold Dollars. We need to wake up and realize that environmentalism is the new home of Communist and Socialists. The third world is using the UN and Global Warming treaties to control us and limit the US. The Democrats have taken up the mantra with the likes of Al Gore willing to sell us out environmentally and the rest to extremist Muslims. Right now the Democrats have no plan except to criticize the best country on earth, and we shouldnít even think of going down that road. They have ruined California and will do it to the rest of the nation given a chance. Please read Dixie Lee Rayís Book Trashing the Planet and most of the phony baloney they call science is debunked into worthless trash a lot of people are buying as real. We need more John Stossellís (not sure of sp) and less Keriís, Goreís and the other tree hugging socialists that are driving us into the Stone Age one law at a time! Please go to the polls and vote for the idea the each party represents. Remember Democrats donít represent what made this country great and have no vision for the future they just hate Bush!
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