Subject: RE: Our vantage in detention..
Author: Rog Chapel
Date:   7/12/2009 10:15 am EDT
Greetings Rafael,

On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may never see again,
And I can't wait to get on the road again.

I am reminded of this lyric by Willie Nelson; it seems to fit the motif of your journey. All the beautiful views that you have shared with us in photographs or videos lingered with us. After the episode of the heat and tires it must feel good to get on the road again. However, in the mind’s eye there are those moments that happen too quickly to capture in video or photographs. Those are unique glimpses; they are yours exclusively in your adventure.

One of my students pondered Friday, “How is ‘our friend’ doing?” He was taken with your problems with the tires and the life threatening extreme temperatures. The fact is that my residents only have a few short feet to walk for a drink of cool water, yet, you had to ride miles to get replenished. As I have seen your updates in pictures and video, I will be able to have the student bring themselves up to date.

I have talked to our Director and he was encouraged by your offer to come and speak at our facility.
As with all visitors and presenters, who are newcomers, our facility will have to perform a background check that requires only your birth date and signed approval to perform the check. Our Executive secretary will have the paper for me tomorrow (Monday 7/13/09) for me to transmit to you. I will supplementary information at that time.

Many of my colleagues have been impressed with your kind offer to speak to our residents. But, as we are aware, you have many miles in front of you in this journey and many miles to be conquered. So we respect that fully and that your end objective comes first.

How cool, calm and refreshing that river in Dolores looks!

Wishing many safe miles ahead,


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