Subject: RE: Our vantage in detention..
Author: Rog Chapel
Date:   7/6/2009 10:02 pm EDT

>1. I want to mail you a free copy of my book, “Blessings >Given.” It is a short read to share with your students. >They could benefit from the moral of this memoir. Please >let know where to mail it to. You can find a copy of the >book cover at:

Thank you, my work address is as follows:

Roger Chapel
Porter County Juvenile Detention Center
1660 South State Road 2
Valparaiso IN 46385

>2. I would like to have the opportunity to visit your >center, meet you, and speak to your students, in person. >Please let me know if this is possible. If it is, I would >make arrangements to travel up to your location when I <reach Indiana. In all likelihood, renting a car and >traveling north for a day or so will be necessary since >your location is quite distant from my route.

I think that with some arrangement this could be reality. I will have to present the proposition to the Director tomorrow; in turn, he will have to clear the idea of the visit with Judge Harper. We have had speakers present on various topics. Last year we had the author of Spirit Bear speak when he was in Valparaiso. I will confirm at the earliest possibility, which will be no later than the end of this week.

I have two caveats. First, the students that I have now will be in rotation and may not be with me within a month. Second, I have no control over the composition and demeanor of the students on a projected date that you would speak. With those factors in mind you are most entirely welcome to speak. I often remind other educators that my students always show up for class; from day to day I don’t know who will join us.

Today, we concluded with a discussion of the continental divide and how water drains from that break. Again, we ventured into a guessing game; the students felt that would you would stay at Hanksville. They thought that you would get up early when it was cooler and try to make Green River or beyond before the heat of afternoon.

Reporting from Valparaiso,
Best regards,


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