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 Subject: Patient Experiences: Decapeptyl For IVF
Author: Ivfprescription
Date:   2/9/2016 5:17 am EDT
Fragmin 5000 IU is a medication often used during an IVF pregnancy. As an anticoagulant, it is used to help prevent blood clots in women who are prone to them, and encourage a healthy pregnancy.

It is also used to treat a wide variety of other ailments. Hereís an overview of some patient experiences using Fragmin 5000 IU during pregnancy.

Patient Experiences


Patient 1: This woman had 2 failed fresh IVF cycles, so her doctor recommended trying Fragmin with her next cycle. She managed to get pregnant this time, and continued taking the medication until 16 weeks.The injections caused some stinging, but didnít seem to have any adverse affects on her healthy baby daughter.

Patient 2: She was found to be homozygous for the MTHFR Gene, which causes blood clots and complicates pregnancy. She took Fragmin up until 11 weeks of pregnancy. She now has a 5 week old baby.

Patient 3: This woman was prescribed Fragmin starting at 12 weeks and has been advised to continue it through the rest of her pregnancy. She injected it into her stomach for a while then switched to her thigh, which is less painful. She said the liquid does sting, but you get used to it.

Patient 4: She used Fragmin injections with both rounds of IVF. She said it does sting for a minute or two after injection, but you get used to it the more you do it.

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