Subject: RE: anxiety
Author: Yehuda
Date:   8/8/2007 10:19 am EDT
A sex surrogate is a therapist who assists in building the client's confidence, understanding of his sexuality, and physical and emotional intimacy. This is accomplished through exercises in communication, meditation, relaxation, sensual and sexual touching and development of social skills. Surrogate therapy is considered by many to be a controversial form of therapy for various reasons.
Many sexual problems can be successfully treated via therapy from qualified and experienced psychotherapists who don't use surrogates. Depending on the issue(s) -- anxiety, differing expectations, inappropriate learned responses, physical problems with the sexual organs, etc. -- a cognitive, behavioral, psychoanalytic, REBT, or other therapy modality may be indicated. Either way, be sure that the therapist that you see is qualified and experienced in the particular matter for which you are seeking help.
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