Subject: RE: Anger, Depression and Truth
Author: Dante Cernobori
Date:   1/22/2007 4:23 pm AHST
Dear ta_sli,

Let me start by thanking you for being a part of my
website. Its always a pleasure to know that it has stimulated something inside someone. I try not to
look at the messages as positive or negative but
rather a perfect opportunity to allow insight and
healing to present itself for a practical use in our
daily lives. I hope that unlike Jacob Bush you are
willing to allow that process to unfold.

I think the best thing to start with is your question
of why I claim all are evil. This is not a belief of mine but instead one you have labeled me with. Possibly since
the energy of your words are so similar to jacob Bush's
that the two of you are the one's who share the belief
that everyone is evil. I believe that good and evil if
there really is such a separation are a choice. Just like the choice you make to try and discredit me and my website.
I do not think you are evil. I do however feel you are making a choice that doesn't represent the greater truth
you speak of. Neither mine or yours.

I find it interesting that jacob is one of my cousin's
and you claim to be a caring friend. But is this the behavior of family and friends. How about picking up a phone. Send a personal letter, But to air your woes with
me publicly. To say I hide behind a mask when both you
and jacob are literally afraid to show your real names.
Both of you are trying to hold me in a space that you
perceive me in. Its quite limited and as long as you
choose to judge me in this way, this is all I will ever
be for you.

So that should answer your other question about escaping
to another foreign land. I am letting go of the family and
friends that choose to hold this limiting perception of me.
The ones that are too afraid to be present in this moment
to not only see who I am but to see themselves.

As I have stated in the intention of this website. I just
like this website under construction and always will be.
You claim to know me well. In fact your claim is to know me
better then I am willing to represent myself. I have never claimed to not be injured. I didn't develop or collect this information because my life was a picnic. Regardless how it may have looked on the outside I have been in fact lost, frightened and not knowing which way to turn most of my life. Its only been in my thirties that I have seen the
lie of suicide, but before that it was a strong option
for me.

I ask you to suspend your judgment of me for just one moment. This information that I do not push on or sell
to anybody or ask for anything in return is sought out
per individual. Whomever is drawn to it may find it valuable and will continue to log on. All those it doesn't work for can simply not log on again.

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