Subject: Posting FYI
Author: Jer.
Date:   1/10/2014 4:12 pm EDT

(1) YOU DON'T NEED TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. (I don't know how spam averse my hosting company is.)

(2) DON'T WORRY ABOUT MAKING MISTAKES. (If you want to change anything you've posted, just re-post your corrected comment (I'll delete the old one).

(3) The 'Subject' field will be the title of your post or 'reply'. (Name it whatever you like.) [ 'Replies' generate a standard "re:___" title, but you can change it to anything you like.]

ps: This message board is part of my hosting company's 'Website Builder' software (that I started out with in 2007). It's hosted by 'Network Solutions' (the 'Ma-Bell' of domain registration companies) under the tradenames 'My Computer', 'Board Server' and 'SuperStats'. [ pps: the only 'super-stats' actually available are number of page views, and IP-addresses (for banning spammers and trolls).]

[ thanks for your interest. and happy posting. ]

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