Subject: Postscripts -- more posting fyi:
Author: Jer.
Date:   5/2/2015 12:40 am EDT
Postscripts: (more posting fyi:)

(1) To date, I've mostly been a stickler for unsolicited testimonials (i.e. totally voluntary) ... [ Remember, recent professional customer references are available for a wide variety of work.]

(2) Re. posting dates: There's no edit option, I don't host the code, and comments are automatically ordered with newer posts at the top of each category, so occasionally I have to delete -- copy and paste -- everything to re-prioritize the order, or correct a typo.

(3) Sorry for this board's slow load times. (It's unpredictable... but never seams to fail.) [ Been looking for a similar replacement for this board -- that's fast, customizable, simple, and hostable -- for a few years now.]

(Thanks for your interest.)
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