Subject: Desires
Author: K
Date:   12/27/2005 12:40 am AHST
I've been reading alot about desires recently and have found realized many things. No one's written anything on this message board for awhile so I thought I'd share some thoughts from The Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra that, particularly given this hectic time of year, have had significant meaning for me.

Human nature is to want more and more. Desire is what leads you through life until the time comes when you desire a higher life, trying not to be fooled into thinking that what's desired today is enough for tomorrow. Obviously, desires never ends. The important part of this particular story is where Arthur and Merlin are discussing the merits of desire and Arthur says "Desire leads mortals into all kinds of turmoil, but it is in God's plan for you to have desires."

"Those are all uses of desire," Merlin pointed out. "There is a mystery here, as always, that only the seeker will solve. To find out the true nature of desire, you must begin without judgement. Honor each and every desire you have. Cherish those desires in your heart. Do not struggle to get what you want; trust that your higher spirit has put the desire inside you, and leave it to that spirit to make your wishes come true. You may find that evil in desire is actually not desire but human struggle over it."

May all your heartfelt desires come true in 2006 and beyond!
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