Subject: RE: First visit to Japan
Author: Michael Houser
Date:   5/20/2008 8:38 am 
Mr. Wallis ...
We're pleased to hear further from you.

With regard to the technical language briefing that you are interested in, may we suggest that you begin compiling a list of technical terms which you would expect to be used in technical discussions whilst you're in Japan. You could include acronyms, but we suggest that you concentrate your efforts on technical language, including phrases if this is relevant.

Once your technical glossary is ready, please e-mail it to us at: <>. We would be grateful if you would be willing to explain to us any terms which we may be unfamiliar with in English.

We will then prepare translations both in Japanese characters [which will be explained as part of your briefing] and in romanised Japanese, so that you can pronounce the translations and your Japanese counterparts [and your interpreter] will have ideographic translations.

To design a technical briefing that suits your needs, we will need you to advise us how much time you can spare for this. We would suggest a minimum of a full day [which could be split into 2 x half-day sessions, each lasting 4 hours, including breaks].

We will include in your technical briefing:
an explanation of the 3 scripts which make up written Japanese
a brief explanation of the Hepburn System, the most commonly used
system worldwide for rendering Japanese into Roman letters
a session devoted to the correct pronunciation of Japanese sounds,
including the terms in your technical glossary.
We will create a sound CD for you of all the terms in your technical
glossary which you can take with you to Japan and listen to/practice both
before & during your visit.
a practical session involving how to get the best out of your interpreter
during meetings ... this will include a role-play element with a native
Japanese who has experience doing English ~ Japanese technical

If you can spare additional time for more general language work, we can design a tailor-made course for this purpose; it can be delivered along with the technical briefing. Depending on your availability and visit objectives, we would want at least 2 half-day sessions ... our 'Speak Business Japanese' courses consist of 5 units, each unit lasting a half-day [delivered over 2 1/2 days, a week or 3 weeks [2 units per week].

There's a lot here to digest. Once you've done that, please give us a ring [details are on our website] so that we can discuss your visit to Japan, your specific needs and your availability for training, in greater detail.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Michael Houser
Training Director

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