Subject: RE: Latest Visit to Japan
Author: Michael HOUSER
Date:   8/22/2008 5:45 pm 
Paul ...
Thank you very much for this feedback, and congratulations on your successful business visit - you & Lindsay earned your success.

With regard your experience with 'Rescue Remedy' & 'Melatonin', I have 2 thoughts:
both are natural products rather than pharmaceuticals - they may not
produce a noticeable impact when taken - for example, as sleeping pills do
- but their efficacy is still considerable - and without the side-effects of
pharma meds
the fact that you felt so relaxed is a key part of their impact ... we think you
experienced this both on your flight to Tokyo [when you were surprised but
pleased to get 6 hours of quality sleep] ... and on the nights you spent in
Tokyo [you found it hard to fall asleep, but you felt better-rested than you
expected the following day]

Cranberry juice/cranberries: delighted that this worked so well for you & that we've apparently turned Lindsay into a convert. The Law of Unintended Consequences - in your case, the [unnecessary!] limit of 100ml for carry-on liquids - has resulted in a very useful discovery, namely that dried cranberries are a more-than-adequate substitute for cranberry juice, particularly in-flight.

We've done a bit of additional research on this & found that you could also take 'cranberry concentrate capsules', available from this website: . Worth having a look at the site/product ...

We're delighted that the kanji PowerPoint slides went down so well and that the atmosphere during your meetings & your business dinners was so relaxed so productive. You don't need us to tell you that the off-the-record meeting at the end of your visit is proof-positive of just how successful your trip was overall.

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